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Outdoor Kitchens Factory Direct Lifetime Warranty


Whether you are a professional chef, outdoor cooking enthusiast or weekend grilling machine, American Cooking Equipment offers the BEST products available on the market, at Factory Direct Pricing. We use only the highest grade metals including 316L surgical (rust-free) stainless steel. Backed by 40 years of experience, each of our grills is handcrafted with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Learn more about what makes us different.


  • “We've been using our American Cooking Equipment grill at least 4 times a week for the last 9 years ( in the Pacific Northwest...and on the water!) and it's still as good as new!”

    Coco, Pacific Northwest

  • “The materials and workmanship are amazing. It gets as hot as you want it and provides the control needed to cook everything just right. I can't recommend the grill enough. (And it's the envy of our friends.)”

    Todd, Pacific Northwest

  • “Whether it's hot dogs and hamburgers, steaks and chops, fish and lobsters, or multiple veggies, our grill is going strong all day long. Coast to coast, American Cooking Equipment is the BEST! When I wheel it out of the barn next summer I know it will look brand new. And, YES!!!, your shipping pallet makes a wonderful 'American Flag'.”

    Bart, Maine

  • “I've been cooking on American Cooking grills for 10 years now... this one is at our 2nd home. I’ve owned other brand name grills in the past. None of them compare to American Cooking Equipment! No cold spots, very hot --- I can’t say enough good things about it! A quality manufactured product that has really held up over years of heavy use. We love it!”

    John G, Rolling Hills, CA

  • “My American Cooking Equipment grill looks and works like new, and I've owned it for nearly 9 years. Living next to ocean, you come to expect rust and deterioration in outdoor fixtures over time, but this grill has been bulletproof, and I don't even keep it covered. The materials used are absolutely top notch and the quality of workmanship is obvious. I've been very happy with my investment, it looks great and cooks great.”

    Jot H, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

  • “Simply the best BBQ I've ever owned, I would give it a 10/10 for performance, looks and reliability.”


  • “I shopped for 4 months and I couldn't find anything that comes close to your quality for the price. It's all about value. I build islands for people and when they ask me which grill to buy I say "there's only 1" American Cooking Equipment!”

    Patrick, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

  • “The American Cooking Barbecue is hands down The Mercedes of Barbecues!!!I have had their barbecue for over 10 years and cook on it almost daily. The housing, cooking grate and six burners are made of high grade premium stainless steel which means it won't rust or rot and most importantly, it holds and distributes heat evenly!! Whether you grill chicken, fish, steak, veggies or hamburgers and hot dogs the food cooks evenly and just as efficiently as it did the first year I owned it! It may seem like a lot of money to spend on a BBQ but it will be money well spent and will likely be the last BBQ you ever buy (unless of course you want a pizza oven or bigger BBQ!!) I give this BBQ six out of five stars!!!”

    Barbara U, Santa Rosa, CA